Stop Distracting Yourself! (How to Heal Instead of Using Distractions)

Distractions… With respect to mental healing, it is very important to stop getting caught up in distractions if you want to be at ease once and for all. Courage is an important virtue when it comes to full recovery from a mental disorder. Our minds can be our worst enemy and prior to learning Vipassana…

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Embrace your Aloneness – How To Stop Feeling Lonely

Aloneness and Loneliness Aloneness and loneliness is not the same thing. The former is the embracing of being alone and the latter is the rejection of being alone. Many people in this world feel lonely. Many hate when there is nobody around to talk to and keep company. A feeling of being incomplete is present…

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Overcoming Depression: Why We Really Get Depressed

Depression can either be a blessing or a curse depending on the perspective you choose. Overcoming depression may not always be in our best interests. Our depression indicates that what we have in our life does not match what we really want in our life. Whether it is the love of our life, financial security…

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