How to Get Out of the Friend Zone and Why You SHOULD Go Back In!

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I haven’t posted much self-content in a while and recently got the itch to start making videos on my Simply Elated channel.

Today’s topic is about The Friend Zone.

People from pole to pole (men and women) are inquiring about how they can get out of this dreaded friend zone and do them proud by winning the attraction of a special someone.

What is The Friend Zone?

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Not only is being in the friend zone agonizing for some men, but it is more often than not challenging to get out of it.

get out of the friend zone

Whether is be simply for sex, or for a long term relationship with a woman, men (usually) far and wide are eager to crack the code to breaking out of this imaginary zone that a woman seems to have designated him to dwell in.

So what do you do?

Why? Well, because the friend does not exist! It is illusory!

The friend zone is a figment of your imagination. Nobody put you in the friend zone; you put yourself there!

Not in the friend zone

If you ever find yourself situated in the friend zone, don’t panic; I am here to assist you.

What is crucial to understand is that you don’t want to accumulate resistance relative to your problems in life. That is why the first step to finding success in the friend zone is to totally accept it as much as possible in this moment. The idea that you need to be told a step-by-step instruction on getting out only tells me that you have some insecurity and inadequacy issues that are hidden subcutaneously.

I have devised 3 steps to thrive in the friend zone. They are as follows:
1. Accept your situation
2. Do something with your life
3. Forget about it

How To Thrive in the Friend Zone

The following video, explains everything written here in a video format:

Number 1 is sometimes the hardest part. People want to look for a solution; not accept their defeat. But one must decide between fighting your circumstances, or surrendering to resistance. Whatever is manifested out of resistance usually has adverse side effects. I am someone that honours my intuition. I wasn’t always this way. Previously, I used to resist the crap out of life and got no where.

That is why it is important to surrender to being in the friend zone and then move on with life. If you are heavily resisting this situation, you probably won’t triumph anyway. Learn to release resistance to defeat even when your anxious mind is pressuring you to do something to redeem yourself. You’ll thank me later.

Number 2 is crucial because it actually has the potential to blast you out of the friend zone. You may have been put in the friend zone because you feel inadequate, feeble and unworthy. This experience can help trigger you to actually find something to do that benefits your own life and take action. Learn new skills, try a new hobby, develop your interpersonal skills. Basically, anything that improves your own well-being, health and confidence will do. People are attracted to others that are doing something with their life. If you are investing your energy and frustration into getting out of the friendzone, you have essentially withdrawn from life. Immerse yourself in life. Get involved. This may or may not change the other person’s perception of you, but it is a whole lot better than labouriously trying to change someone so you can get something from them.

Forget About It…

In my experience, when I am busy and immersed in life, I don’t have any problems with attracting women. I can’t remember the last time I was put in the friend zone. It doesn’t seem to occur when you respect yourself and are comfortable in your own skin.

At this point, you don’t even want to think about your situation with a particular girl you feel “friend-zoned” by. You should be too busy with life to even remember.

I hope this helps someone out there!

Take care and stay safe!

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