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Achieve Your Goals in 2018

In this post, I want to explain why many people have so many unfulfilled goals and desires. This is a great post for all of you moving into the year 2018. I will explain the proper way to achieve your goals in 2018 by explaining the harmful habits that many of us have when we want to attain something we don’t have in the present moment. I hope to see all of you achieve success in 2018.

achieve your goals in 2018

Gone are the days of denial and escapism. It is time to take action now instead of waiting till some circumstances are right. It is time to be vulnerable and let go of how we think we “should” attain something. Are you sacrificing yourself in order to attain something? How long are you waiting before you take action?

Take Action Now vs Waiting

I am sure many know that it is important to take action now if you want to achieve something. Although many people know this, I think many people also use life as a waiting room without even realizing it.

Let me give you an example

If you are getting insulted by someone, would immediately react in a way move in the direction of maintaining your own well-being, or would you wait until you think of a perfect comeback to redeem yourself? Are you taking steps to achieve your goals right now, or are you waiting until you are more confident and have a better mindset?

Hesitation and waiting is a slippery slope. It isn’t something you want to get into the habit of doing.

It important that we realize that we need to be taking life moment by moment. It is important that when we are in certain circumstances, we take action as quick as possible instead of waiting until you are thinking, feeling and doing something other than what you are currently doing. Taking action is essentially saying “I am good enough as I am” and this attitude is very useful.

Achieve Your Goals

In this video, I explain in detail the pitfalls of using life like a waiting room. I explain how many of us are waiting until we feel better or think a certain way before we take action. You should always be asking yourself “what can I do right now?” and then act on the answer. Sometimes the answer will be “nothing” and other times it will be to do something even though you are not sure how it will all play out.

Sooner or later, we will need to trust that what we are doing, thinking, feeling is enough. Don’t sit there withdrawn from life and thinking “I’ll do something when I feel better” or “I am not ready yet.”

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