Have A Crush On Someone? In Denial? Do This…

Do You Have A Crush On Someone?

Someone asked about what to do when you have a crush on someone but are trying to deny the fact that you do?

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It is hard to tell someone you like them, especially when you spent most of your life being shamed for who you are.

In this video I explain the underlying root problem and how to transcend it:

Denying Our Crush

If we are denying that we have a crush on someone, it may be because we feel so inferior that admitting it will humiliate us. Telling a girl or boy they are attractive to them can trigger a lot of anxiety. This is due to the fact that we are afraid of how they will react. Will they point and laugh at us? Will they go and tell all their friends so everyone knows your secret?

It is important to understand why we feel ashamed or inferior to others and decide if we should escape it or accept that it is what it is?

Can we take who we are and perceive it to its highest good? Are we too scared to do that? I think most people are too scared to take who they are and perceive it in the highest light. Why? Because doing so might hinder them from becoming a new person that they want to be. For example, some people are too afraid to perceive being a loser in the highest light because doing so might make them a loser for the rest of their life instead of doing the things that would make them feel like they are a winner.

Final Thoughts

A lot of us do not want to feel ashamed. Feeling ashamed does not feel good at all but suppressing it is also harmful. Many people don’t want to feel shame because they will have to accept aspects of themselves that they are trying to get rid of and shame will remind you of how identified you are with it as opposed to denial. It is important to own up to who we are RIGHT NOW and take actions that assure that we can love/honour it as much as possible. We don’t need to make it the most beautiful thing ever, but turning it into something a little bit better than better is better than imposing more abuse on yourself to try and get rid of it.


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