The Hidden Dangers of Goal Setting and How to Avoid Them

Goal Setting: The Future vs Now

While the idea of goal setting is positive to most, it can be a huge source of continued suffering if goals are not pursued correctly. We want to pursue our dreams but it seems like we never get anywhere. Not achieving it will take its toll on us. A lot of times, our goal setting is just a means for us to try an escape reality and not accept the fact that we can’t be with ourselves any longer.

In this video, I explain the correct and incorrect ways about pursuing your goals and how to achieve them quicker. Also, I explain why many people set goals that they constantly fail to achieve and experience a great deal of suffering and pain.

Here’s the thing: if you use goals to get you involved in life, great job. If you use goals to help you withdraw from life…Well there may be a problem.

The issue is that life has no time. You only live in the present moment. And in many cases, fantasizing about the future is a desperate escape from life itself. It is you trying to withdraw from life because it isn’t what you want.

Surrendering to Reality

This is why if you want to make improvements in life, it has to start with first accept life as it is right now. From there, you make decisions to move you into the direction you want. If you are too fixated with the goal, then whenever circumstances appear that seem to conflict with your goal, you will try to deny and escape them despite it happening. This is the issue. When you surrender to reality, you are vulnerable because life doesn’t always take you down the path you think it should. To meet you goals, life often takes you down a path where you don’t know what will happen. Good thing is: suddenly you realize how it was all put into place once you reach that goal.


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Fixating on the goal setting does not allow this process. For example, if you are trying to overcome anxiety, anytime you feel anxiety, you will resist it because you think it is conflicting with you goal to overcome it. The sometimes unfortunate reality is that it doesn’t go away no matter how much you try to fight it. By taking life moment by moment, you detach from goals so that you can dive deeper into life and see how much beauty is in it. But you must be willing to surrender to each moment for what it is instead of constantly trying to be somewhere other than where you are.


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