Social Anxiety Does NOT Exist! Let me explain

There is No Spoon…

Have you seen the movie “The Matrix?” There is a scene where the main character, Neo, goes to visit the Oracle. While he is waiting for the Oracle, he sees a kid on the ground bending a spoon with his mind. The kid says “do not try to bend the spoon. That is impossible. Instead realize the truth: there is no spoon.” Can this relate to social anxiety?

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What does this mean? What does “there is no spoon” have to do with social anxiety?

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There is no “Problem”

It is important to realize that you can’t overcome social anxiety. Why? Because social anxiety does not exist. You are the one that brought “social anxiety” into existence. Without “you,” there is no such thing as social anxiety.

Maybe you are creating the problem? Maybe you are the one thinking that life is a problem to solved but perhaps there is no problem to begin with. It is a figment of your imagination. If you took the term “social anxiety” out of your vocabulary. What would your problem be?


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