It Is IMPOSSIBLE To Overreact! Here’s Why…

You Can’t Overreact

In my opinion, nobody in the history of mankind has ever overreacted to anything. In this video, I explain why you can’t overreact.

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We react based on all the stimuli in our internal and external environment. It is just cause and effect folks. You input something and you get a corresponding output. If you had the brain of a serial killer, you would become a serial killer. If you had the brain of a depressed person, you would be depressed. Everything we have been through, are dealt with (body, genetics, hormones, etc) and experienced is what makes us who we are right now.


We Are All Unique

If you went through the same experiences and had the same physiology as someone you think is “overreacting,” you would do exactly the same thing as them. Everybody lives life by responding to life based on what they feel and learn. Your brain chemistry will affect how you think and how impulsive you are. Free will is hard to define. We think we have free will but ultimately our “choices” are just a selection of options that we can make based on past experiences and knowledge. We don’t have free will to think and feel anything in this moment.


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