Is It Safe To Have Your Emotional Needs Met Right Now?

Emotional Needs and Unconditional Love

Many people would love to have every one of their emotional needs met right now. The situation is actually more complex than that. On a surface level, people want their needs met but when you dig deeper into their psyche, you will realize that this is not the case. The majority of people only want their needs met under the condition that they are the person they want to be. Our deepest desire is to be loved for who we are but how many of us are brave enough to do that?

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How many of us are brave enough to love and honour ourselves despite our current shortcomings and weaknesses? The vast majority of people would rather neglect their emotional needs for love so that they can pursue being something else (something “better”) in the future. For example, if you are someone that feels identified with being unintelligent, will you accept and embrace your lack of intelligence? Will you instead hate your lack of intelligence and do whatever it takes to force yourself to become more intelligent? (P.S. you are the one that decides what that means)

Is Something Wrong With You?

So many are afraid that there is something seriously wrong with them. When we don’t have a high IQ, are not strong enough or have some kind of “disorder” we are too afraid to honour and embrace it in this moment and use it to its highest good. Instead, we will use effort and labour to try and “fix” whatever is supposedly broken with us. Only then will we feel like we deserve to be loved and appreciated.

The problem is: that day never comes. For most people, they spend their whole lives trying to fix something they don’t like through self hatred and shame. No matter how hard they try, they don’t get anywhere? Life continues to reflect this dichotomy¬†because our deepest desire is to be loved for who we are. If we are identified with something we are ashamed of, life will reflect that shame until it finds someone or something that will love it instead of perpetually hating/shaming it.

Our Weaknesses

You can think of our suppressed weaknesses like children that are still looking for its parents. Everywhere it goes, it runs into adversity and harsh criticisms. But in its deep desire for unconditional love, it continues to look for anyone that will love it because that is what it needs. Are you fulfilling its needs or are you contributing to the self-hatred and self-sacrifice?

In this video, I talk about how meeting our need for love and approval in this present moment may actually be too scary. If we really wanted unconditional love, then that means loving ourselves despite having some kind of perceived weakness or inadequacy. Most people would rather “fix” their problem and only then choose to love and accept themselves. Are you one of them?

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