Selfishness is Extremely Important! Please Be Selfish!

Why You Should Be Selfish

Society has tainted the word “selfish.” Most people think being selfish is a bad thing but without it, we will deprive each and everyone of us instead of bringing us up to higher levels of happiness and fulfillment.


Acts that you may deem as “selfless” or “not selfish” can actually be totally selfish. When we want to help others, it is because we feel good doing it. If you didn’t, then we wouldn’t do it. In that case, our needs still came before the needs of others.

If you force yourself to do something even though you don’t feel good, then that is not selfish and will lead to destruction and decreased overall health. Everyone should be putting themselves first and listening to their own inner guidance as to what they should do moment by moment.

What About Greedy People?

Why did selfishness get a bad rep? Because there is a misunderstood shadow aspect. When you see someone that is greedy and always wants to keep everything for themselves, people call them selfish. However, I would say that it is quite the opposite.


Because someone that is desperate to acquire and keep material things is lacking the satisfaction that they get by owning it. For example, a very hungry person will desperately want to eat food. What does food do for them? It nourishes them and makes them feel satisfied and at ease. When you see them snatch food from wherever they can, it is a symptom of lacking nourishment and sustenance. Someone that is well fed will generally not exhibit the same behaviour. The same can be said with greedy people.

Providing For Others

Someone that is greedy for money, fame, attention is greedy because they in fact lack the positive emotional feeling when they do not have these things. Perhaps they have issues of never feeling good enough. Maybe they are traumatized from their childhood because they grew up in poor circumstances and use greed to try and compensate. Someone that desperately wants attention is lacking that joy and love because they were neglected or ignored. Their greed is a symptom of lacking something. They are not able to put themselves first by attending to that pain and neglect. In these circumstances, greed gets confused with selfishness but there is a distinct difference.

When we put ourselves first and meet our needs, then it is much easier to help others meet their needs. For example, if you are starving, why is it a good idea to give food to other people instead of eating it yourself? That is simply depriving yourself and neglecting your own needs. However, when you are full, it is much easier for you to help others in need and provide for them. By being selfish, we make sure that we have enough of something so that we can share it with others. If the love in our hearts is overflowing, it is only natural to want to share it with others. One can only do this if they feel they still have enough to keep for themselves.

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