The Amazing Benefits of a Cold Shower – Reduce Anxiety, Increase Testosterone and Much More!

All Hail The Cold Shower!

As someone who used to hate cold temperatures, I can’t believe I am saying this: I am hooked! In the past, I hated having the water even slightly feel cold and preferred to have it blazing hot. Now… Now I look forward to taking a cold shower because of how vital I feel after one!

cold shower

Cold showers are touted as having amazing benefits to one’s health such as reduced inflammation, improved skin and hair, increased testosterone and reduced anxiety.

Watch this video below to see me taking a cold shower and talking about the benefits it has had on my life!

When I first started, I put the water on warm and slowly worked my way down until it got colder. Now, I can jump right into a cold shower and not freak out like a little girl. I’m telling you boys and girls, this can work wonders for your health!

Changes to My Health

Personally speaking, I found that cold showers improved my circulation, increased my sex drive and had very noticeable positive effects on my skin and hair. My skin is much smoother and looks more vibrant. My hair doesn’t feel so dry and it looks shinier. I had problems with my hair being too dry and this did the trick for me.

I am really thankful I found such an effective therapy that is practically free. Not to mention it produced noticeable effects in such a short time. It can help a lot of people that are experiencing depression and anxiety. The cold water will give you a jolt of energy and it can potentially have a long term effect on your energy levels throughout the whole day. I feel much more confident as well which is definitely a plus.

Speechless… I just feel so invigorated after taking one that I want to take them as often as I can. Due to the water being cold, it seems that taking multiple cold showers will not lead to any negative effects on your skin and hair because the cold water does not strip your hair and skin of natural oils that keep it healthy and well moisturized.

I will definitely be taking cold showers regularly from now for as long as I can!
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