Understanding and Overcoming Self Hatred. Should You Even Overcome It?

The Value of Self Hatred

Got a question from the SAS forums about how to overcome self hatred. It is important to recall why we think hating ourselves was useful in the first place. At our current place, we might think that self hatred is horrible and painful but if we dig deeper, it is very possible to realize that self hatred is our primary means to try and get love and respect from others.
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Hatred is a normal response to anything that threatens us. If our lack of intelligence, physical appearance, status, etc. threatens us, then we hate it because we see it as an obstacle that is preventing us (in our perception) from receiving copious amounts of love, respect and healing from the outside world. Through hatred, we want to kill what is getting in our way or trying to kill us.

The following video goes into detail as to why self hatred is valuable and has always been there to protect us based on our life experiences. It becomes futile to overcome something that is working in your interests.

To Overcome or Not To Overcome Self Hatred…

I can’t show you how to overcome self hate. What is more important is to show you how to move through it and see its value. I can help you realize to see that not hating yourself is not serving your interests as much as hating does (according to your life experiences and perceptions).

Self hate does not need to be overcome. It can be transcended when we discover the underlying mechanism at play. Once we realize the futility of self hatred, then there is no value in it and thus we don’t need to hate ourselves to try and bring us closer to love/success.

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