Increase Intelligence: It Is Possible, But You Are Too Afraid To!


Many people are searching to find a way to increase their intelligence and IQ. What if I told that you that the one that is searching to increase intelligence is the obstacle?

It is shown scientifically that your IQ generally stays the same throughout your life. It is possible to decrease someones IQ but it seems that it is not possible to increase your IQ more than a few points if you take a reliable test.


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How to Increase Intelligence

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If you really want to know what affects intelligence, then it is time to stop trying to attain a higher intelligence/IQ and instead focus on why you want to increase it in the first place? What will a higher intelligence do for you that your current intelligence will not? What are you afraid of if I hypothetically told you that it is literally impossible to improve your intelligence? Is that a problem?

Are you trying to escape something you’re afraid of? Trying to compensate for something? Perhaps you want higher intelligence just so you can get back at all the people that made you feel ashamed of being stupid? Trying to get a higher intelligence because you have been hurt by your stupidity? Were those mistakes you made out of stupidity not working in your best interests? You tell me.

When one stops trying to pursue increasing intelligence and instead confront what they are afraid of, the question of how to increase intelligence is essentially useless and irrelevant. It is likely you want higher intelligence because your stupidity threatens you. In that case, your pursuit of higher intelligence is at the same time condemning who you are and deprives your inner most need for unconditional love.

The problem of truly become more intelligent is that it is located in a dangerous place. It is located in a place of high vulnerability where either you can achieve higher levels of brilliance or instead face death/pain.

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