Overcome Your Problems By Whining and Complaining!

Whining and Complaining Can Be Good For You!

I found that the most popular threads in the social anxiety message boards include one person asking if others have the same issue as them. What you find is that the thread has many people saying “yeah I alsowhining and complaining have that problem,” “yeah me too”, “yeah me three.” On the other hand, the threads that offer advice and solutions to their problems often go unnoticed or have very limited interaction. Why is that? Why do people prefer whining and complaining as opposed to taking action to solve their problems?

It has to do with how ready you are to move in the direction of love. Many people say that they really want to overcome social anxiety, depression, etc. but their behaviours cause them to gravitate towards threads where they can loathe, complain and nag about their problems.

Whining vs Taking Action

Why the mixed signals? The threads that stir up the loathing and complaining are actually reminders of the very issues that made these people create social anxiety/depression in the first place. On a superficial level, people will say that they want to get rid of or overcome social anxiety. However, what life does it attract them to the very issues that made them develop social anxiety in the first place. It serves as a reminder of all the “unfinished” business. The fact that people don’t respect you, your family doesn’t love you, you feel stupid and inadequate are all the reminders and triggers of why social anxiety or depression manifested in the first place. In essence, the things you complain about are the very things you desperately need love/understanding. You are too scared to own up to them and bring closer to you.

I made a video for you guys that goes into detail on the dynamics of whining and complaining and how that serves you more than taking action and initiative to solve your problems:

The Shadow…

You want to supposedly overcome social anxiety and depression, but you have this instinctual gravitation towards issues that cause you to whine and complain instead. To be honest, it may actually be what you really want. That is why you feel worn out and hopeless. That is why you don’t feel excited about overcoming your problems. You want to get consoled in your pain and being able to find like minded people is a step in that direction.

When one can own up to this fact and accept that they in fact would rather whine and complain as opposed to change their life, one can actually see the value in whining and complaining and that can take you down the path of relief. Eventually, you may realize that you want to proceed further and don’t want to whine and complain anymore. When you are ready, life will be their waiting for you…


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