The Day I Died and Experienced a Spiritual Awakening

Journey Leading to a Spiritual Awakening

I hated taking medication but I knew I needed it. In order to try and get off medication, I made a commitment that I will only focus on my happiness. I will literally do whatever it takes to make me happier and more relaxed throughout the whole day. Anytime I felt I was going down, I immediately responded in a way that I think will counteract it and produce more happiness in my life. It was a crazy scary time for me. I came off of medication and did not know if I would succeed. There was a great deal of terror that I would just have to run back to the psychiatrist as a failure and get more medication. I was completely ignorant of any sort of “spiritual awakening.”

spiritual awakening

Putting Happiness First

But it was a magical time. That time I was focusing on nothing but happiness, I started feeling in harmony with the universe. It was as if the universe was giving me all kinds of signs and directing me in certain directions so that I can find the answers I was looking for. As I tried everything in my arsenal to feel happier, I felt the depression creeping up as I was going a couple days without taking any medication for the first time in a long time.

In this video, I explain my story in great detail and what I learned from this journey:

I eventually ran out of ideas to make me happy. The body just fell back on my bed with this realization that I think I am going to fail. But prior, I learned how to do Vipassana meditation. It was at that point where I lay on my bed feeling like I tried absolutely everything and now I will have no choice but to surrender to my depression. I surrendered to my depression by doing the Vipassana meditation and BOOM.

The feeling of depression just evaporated and I felt so free. At the moment where I felt like I was going to just die, I realized something so valuable that eventually removed all sorts of negative emotions from what I was thinking and next thing you know I am not burdened by depression and anxiety anymore.

The experience is something that I later discovered was called a “spiritual awakening.” A realization that you are something other than what you have been identified with for most of your life.

It was an incredible time and I will never forget it.

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